Ruins of old


What if an apocalyptic nuclear war ended all human life on earth? Enter the ruins of old. The ruins of old is a numenera campaign setting based on earth as we know it. The earth where dinosaurs grew to be the first dominant species. Unfortunately, a meteorite drove them to extinction. Humans were next. Their ingenious societies depleted the earth of most of its natural resources. Their mastery of the elements backfired in a massive nuclear war. The last few survivors fell victim to a vicious virus.

Which species would survive and take over after the tragic demise of humanity?


In the ruins of old, the earth is littered with remains of the old human civilization. Among the concrete, asphalt, metal and plastic waste dwell terrible monstrosities. Under the influence of great amounts of radiation, insectoids, reptilians, birds, amphibians and some mammals have evolved from the earth’s common fauna we know, into much more frightening forms.

Some species are attempting to fill the niche in the ecosystem that was left open by the demise of humans. But their efforts remain primitive. Forming societies is hard in an unforgiving environment where mere survival is a fulltime job.

The species closest to humans are the humanoid races of catfolk, gnolls, hadozee, kenku, kobolds, lizardfolk, lupin, minotaurs, nezumi and vanara.


‘’It is no measure of health to be well adapted to a profoundly sick society.’’

‘’Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.’’

Ruins of old explores a post-human era full of post-apocalyptic shamanism, the reclamation of the earth by mother nature and the revival of old technological advances. It does so in a sweet coating of numenera based adventuring.

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Ruins of Old

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