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  • Other abbreviations

    h1. Other abbreviations Below is a list of [[Abbreviations | abbreviations]] that are used on the [[Main Page | ruins of old]] wiki. _GM - Game master NPC - Non-player character PC - Player character XP - Experience points_

  • Terminology

    h1. Terminology Below is a list of terms that are often used without explanation on the [[Main Page | ruins of old]] wiki. _Artifact [[Cyphers | Cypher]] Edge Effort Enabler [[Numenera | Numenera]] Oddity [[Tier | Tier]]_

  • Numenera

    h1. Numenera Collective [[Terminology | term]] for any piece of technology leftover from the old [[Pre-apocalypse | pre-apocalyptic]] society. The word "_numen_" is a Latin root word meaning a "pervading divine presence" and "_era_" refers to the …

  • Tier

    h1. Tier Tiers are the [[Characters | character]] levels of the [[Main Page | ruins of old]] setting. Every character starts the game at the first tier. Tier is a measurement of power, toughness, and ability. Characters can advance up to the sixth tier. …

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