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  • Kobolds and magic and technology

    h1. Kobolds and magic and technology On a theoretical level, [[Kobold | kobolds]] draw very little distinction between magic and technology. They use muscle and tools to move and shape their surroundings and to defend themselves, and they use magic to …

  • Arcane magic

    h1. Arcane magic h4. [[Origin of arcane magic | Origin]] h4. [[Reskinning arcane magic | Reskinning]] h4. [[Arcane classes | Classes]]

  • Origin of arcane magic

    h1. Origin of arcane magic [[Arcane magic | Arcane magic]] stems from the left-over technology from the old society. Many human technological devices have remained somewhat intact through the apocalypse. The intelligent humanoid [[Playable Races | …

  • Reskinning arcane magic

    h1. Reskinning arcane magic In the [[Main Page | ruins of old]], [[Arcane magic | arcane magic]] is not cast by reading draconic incantations from a spellbook. Nor is it produced from combining a snuff of crushed gemstones with the dried tongue of a …

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