Catfolk are nomadic hunters of the ruins of old campaign setting. Hunting is hard in the wasteland of the old society. So catfolk tend to live close to their prey and move whenever the hunt is getting too hard. When catfolk move, they dart around with great energy. They either sprint or rest. Their strides look chaotic and tiring to members of other races. Conserving energy is of utmost importance to catfolk. If they are able hunters, they prefer to do so alone to prevent having to share their kill. If they are less able hunters, they prefer the benefit of a pride to secure a higher success rate.

Between hunts, they like to lay still for hours on end. To most other races it would seem they are doing nothing for hours on end. In reality though, the mind of a catfolk is constantly engaged, pondering the state of the world, their role in the world and the future of the world. Because catfolk are very emotional and impulsive in company, the depth of their private philosophical thoughts is rarely seen and acknowledged by members of other races.

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