Character creation

Character creation

Characters in the ruins of old setting are described by this simple sentence:

I am a adjective race noun who verbs.

In this sentence, the adjective is the descriptor, the race is the racial descriptor, the noun is the character type, and the verb is the character’s focus. So, essentially the first step of the character creation process boils down to four main choices:

1. Choose your racial descriptor, character type, descriptor and focus

1. Racial descriptor
2. Character type
3. Descriptor
4. Focus

Having made these choices, we are left with a sentence that describes our character. The following two examples illustrate what the resulting sentence could be:

I am a driven kobold tinkerer who goes berserk.
I am a weird gnoll shaman who leads.

After that, it is time to construct the mechanics of the character. The steps below will guide you through this.

2. Fill in your stat pools as determined by your character type

On the character sheet, fill out the intellect, might and speed scores that belong to your selected character type. Divide the four extra points any way you like.

3. Adjust your stat pools according to your racial descriptor and/or descriptor

Your racial descriptor might also add or subtract from your pools. Adjust your scores accordingly. Even your descriptor might add to a certain pool. Adjust for that as well to get your final intellect, might and speed pool values.

4. Fill in your edge stats as determined by your type

Every character type gives characters an edge in one or more stat pools. Fill out your edge scores on the character sheet.

5a. Write in additional stats as determined by your type

Add any effort, skills, and cypher limits, as well as any special abilities provided by your character type. These include feats, moves, spells and tricks. Be sure to write down the cost (if any) of any special abilities and to note whether you are trained (T) or specialized (S) in a skill.

6. Write in additional stats as determined by your racial descriptor, descriptor and focus

Your racial descriptor provides you with inabilities (I) and training (T) in certain skills. Write these down. Add all special abilities of your descriptor and focus. If you haven’t applied any stat pool adjustments to the base stat pools of your character type yet, do so now.

7. Choose your possessions

The possessions that you start the game with are dictated by your type and include weapons, armor, packs, and other gear. If you wear armor, or if you have a special ability that grants you armor, note the total amount of armor in the space provided. Check to see if your descriptor gives you additional possessions, add those as well.

8. List your attacks

Attacks are based on your chosen weapons, feats, moves, spells and tricks. List them here, write down how much damage they do, and include any special modifiers. If they have a stat pool cost, write that down as well.

9. Add cyphers, oddities or artifacts

Your GM will provide you with starting cyphers (if any), as well as an oddity. Some foci will also give you an artifact.

10. Include your background

If you wish, each one of the four aspects of your character can help define your background. Your type gives you a connection to the world, your focus gives you a connection to one other player character, and your descriptor gives you a connection to the first adventure. Your race’s customs and psychology give you a further framework.

11. During play, note damage track, recovery rolls and XP

During gameplay, keep records of how many recovery rolls you’ve used each day and where you are on the damage track. (If you’re hale or dead, you won’t need to mark anything; otherwise, it’s important to make a note of your status on the damage track.) The 1D6+ box is for recording the amount that you add to your recovery rolls; this number is usually your current tier, but it can be altered by various modifiers. Additionally, note what tier you are and how many experience points you currently have.

12. Keep good notes

The notes section of the character sheet is designated for events and experiences that happen to your character once the game begins. Have fun!

Character creation

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