While most of the gnolls roaming the ruins of old remain mired in the cruelty of their mutated patron, Cerberus, a few tribes of gnolls seek to pull themselves out of savagery. These tribes walk with weapons in hand, knowing that more civilized races (hadozee, kenku, lizardfolk, lupin and vanara) hate and fear their people and that savage gnolls also seek to strike them down. Fueled by their own bestial strength and the cruel will of the great mutated beast Cerberus, most gnolls roam the wild in search of sentient prey. These savages know little of mercy and honor, and nothing of kindness or compassion. The exceptions to this rule, who have banded together in rough tribes that roam the wastelands and forests, have begun to learn the value of personal honor. Some even approach the harsh but ultimately fair codes that societies of nezumi often adopt. Geared more toward survival than the cruelty of their kin, these gnolls stand at a critical juncture: Either they will succeed in allying with the more civilized races and pull some of their people away from the cruel worship of Cerberus—or they will fail, and their tribes will slip back into evil and brutality.

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