Kenkus evolved from magpie birds, although they no longer possess wings or the ability to fly. Selfish and secretive in their dealings, kenkus gather in other communities, infiltrate the domains of other races, and manipulate their way into a lifestyle full of deceit. They rarely travel alone, instead preferring to roam in small gangs, all the while hatching plots to amass more power and ensure an easier way of life in the harsh environment of the ruins of old.

Due to their penchant for shady ventures, they often serve others as thugs, thieves, spies, and assassins. They also have a natural fascination for glitter, much like their magpie ancestors. One common outlet for this fascination is through magic. Kenkus are fascinated by magical effects and therfore pursue skills of the shaman and tinkerer character type. They are rarely interested in the source of those magical powers and do not worship nature in the way vanara shamans do, nor do they want to revive the old society in the way kobolds do. They are more likely to view magical effects as a way to improve their capabilities for deceit and trickery.

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