According to kobold philosophy, kobolds are a proud race of tiraki kin. Yet they are often underestimated due to their size. Kobolds are probably the most well adapted species to the post-apocalyptic world. Being cold blooded, they thrive in the warmth of nuclear waste sites. They can even substitute the need for sustenance for basking in the warm glow of radioactivity. Being less dependant on scarce natural resources than other humanoids, kobolds manage to form large tribal settlements and societies amidst the ruins of old.

Because kobolds share the tiraki’s fascinations with the old society, underground lairs are preferred environments for kobold tribes. This way, they are close to the remains of the old society. Being as inquisitive and dedicated as kobolds are, they spend the majority of their lives delving into the secrets of the numenera. New uses are invented for old technology, most often in the form of ingenious traps.

Tiraki respect kobolds for their work ethic, inquisitiveness and dedication. They look down upon their intellect and strength though. Because of this, tiraki often gather kobolds around them as minions. Tiraki typically let kobolds do the heavy work of diging out old technological baubles and trinkets. The tiraki can then siff through these numenera and study the most interesting ones. The biggest honor for a kobold is designing the traps to fortify a tiraki lair, which they are often asked to do.

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