Animates numenera

Animates numenera

The focus animates numenera is based on the focus builds robots (CSR 100). The focus is adapted as a house rule to better fit the ruins of old campaign setting. It is slightly reskinned to be a numenera based focus instead of a robot based focus.

Animates numenera:
Your brilliance is mechanically focused, and it allows you to recombine numenera into artificial entities who accept you for who you are. As an added bonus, they do what you command without complaint. You’re not entirely sure you’ve arrived at nirvana by surrounding yourself with artificial beings, but it’ll do for now. Because your numenera machines don’t have an opinion, you’re not too concerned with your appearance. You tend to wear the same work clothes day in day out.

Choose one of the following:

  • Pick one other PC. Numenera you animate take commands from this character as well as from you.
  • Pick one other PC. You animated numenera for this character but they tried to kill the character. You’re not sure what went wrong.
  • Pick one other PC. You are certain that this character has strong ties to the numenera or is an animated numenera, even if the character denies it.
  • Pick one other PC. You animated a piece of numenera for this character that is a small level 1 creature of any form. It doesn’t listen to commands. It is almost always absent as it indulges in an activity that suits its form. It shows up occasionally.

Additional equipment:
Mechanical parts and a repair kit.

Minor effect suggestion:
Your animated numenera jolt your foe, which modifies any action taken by the foe on its next turn by one step to its detriment.

Major effect suggestion:
Your animated numenera takes an immediate extra action that you choose.

Tier 1:
Animated numenera assistant:
You recombine some numenera and animate them into a level 2 creature of your size or smaller. It accompanies you and follows your instructions. You and the GM must work out the details of your animated numenera. You’ll probably make rolls for it when it takes actions. An assistant in combat usually doesn’t make separate attacks but helps with yours. On your action, if the animated numenera is next to you, it serves as an asset for one attack you make on your turn. If the creation is destroyed, you can repair the original with a few days’ worth of tinkering, or build a new one with a week’s worth of half-time labor. Enabler.

Numenera animator:
You are trained in tasks related to animating numenera. For the purposes of repair, you can use this skill to heal animated numenera. Enabler.

Tier 2:
Animated numenera control (2+ intellect points):
You use your knowledge of numenera command and control (and possibly devices that transmit on the proper frequency) to affect any animated numenera or mechanized system of level 2 or lower within short range. You can render several targets inactive for as long as you focus all your attention on them. If you focus on just one target, you can attempt to take active control of it for one minute, commanding it to do simple tasks on your behalf while you concentrate. Instead of applying effort to decrease the difficulty, you can apply effort to increase the maximum level of the mechanized system or animated numenera. Thus, to affect a level 4 target (two levels above the normal limit), you must apply two levels of effort. Action to initiate.

Tier 3:
Numenera assistant upgrade:
Your animated numenera assistant increases to level 4. Enabler.

Tier 4:
Numenera assistant module:
You modify your znimated numenera assistant with one new capability. Standard options include the following. Work with your GM if you prefer a different capability.
The machine can fly a long distance each round. It can carry you, but only for up to an hour between each of your ten-hour recovery rolls. Enabler.
Cypher Pod.
The machine can carry one extra cypher for you. Enabler.
Force Shield.
The machine can erect an opaque level 5 force field around itself and anyone within 10 feet (3 m) of it for one minute (or until it is destroyed). It cannot do so again until after your next recovery roll. Action.
Mounted Laser Configuration.
The machine can reconfigure itself and become an immobile laser weapon on a gimbal mount. In this configuration, the machine is a heavy weapon that deals 7 points of damage. If the machine acts as an autonomous turret, treat it as a level 3 creature instead of level 4. However, if the laser is fired by you or someone else who has your permission, the difficulty of the laser attacks is decreased by one step. Action to reconfigure; action to return to normal configuration.

Tier 5:
Animated numenera fleet:
You can choose another upgrade from tier 4, or you can take animated numenera fleet. If you take _animated numenera fleet), you build up to four level 2 animated numenera assistants, each no larger than yourself. (They are in addition to the assistant you built at first tier, which has seen a few upgrades since then.) You and the GM must work out the details of these additional machines. If a machine is destroyed, you can build a new one (or repair the old one from its parts) after a week of half-time labor. Enabler.

Tier 6:
Animated numenera evolution:
You can choose another upgrade from tier 4, or you can take animated numenera evolution. If you take animated numenera evolution, your first animated numenera assistant increases to level 5, and each of your level 2 animated numenera assistants increase to level 3. Enabler.

Animates numenera

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