Forsees the unforseeable

Forsees the unforseeable

The focus forsees the unforseeable is based on the focus calculates the incalculable (CSR 101). The focus is adapted as a house rule to better fit the ruins of old campaign setting. It is changed to be an intuition based focus instead of a mathematics based focus.

Forsees the unforseeable:
Other people are a little in awe of your instincts, though you feel normal enough. Admittedly, you are sometimes surprised when others fail to see danger, or how they don’t share your trust in gut feelings, tell tale signs, omens, and all the other inclinations you get. You live in your body a little more than your peers. You are probably very sensitive and emotional.

Choose one of the following:

  • Pick one other PC. If it wasn’t for you, this character would still be dealing with an emotional loss.
  • Pick one other PC. This character is fascinated by your emotional nature. It is up to the character whether your emotional nature is admired or frowned upon.
  • Pick one other PC. Based on a couple of arguments you overheard, you suspect that this character thinks you are a drama queen.
  • Pick one other PC. Your intuition is often wrong in relation to this character’s actions. You are not sure why.

Minor effect suggestion:
You don’t have to spend an action when you use feel it out the next time.

Major effect suggestion:
Intuition flares and you can ask the GM one question about what you are looking at.

Tier 1:
Feel it out (2 intellect points):
You observe a creature, object, or location for at least one round. The next time you interact with it (possibly in the following round), the difficulty of a related task (such as persuading the creature, attacking it, or defending from its attack) is reduced by one step. Action.

Rubbish sensor:
You are trained in all social skills involving the detection of honesty. You easily see through people’s intimidations, bluffs and lies.

Tier 2:
Piece it together:
If you’ve used feel it out on a creature, object, or location within the last few days, you can learn one random fact about the subject that is pertinent to a topic you designate. If you also have the premonition ability, one use of either ability grants you two random but related facts about the subject. In addition, you can use feel it out on the same subject multiple times (even if you’ve learned a creature’s level), but each time you do, you must apply one additional level of effort than on your previous use. Action.

Tier 3:
Intuitive defense:
Your subconscious constantly predicts incoming threats. The difficulty of your speed defense tasks is reduced by one step. Enabler.

Tier 4:
Intuitive strike:
You just know how to hit your opponent the hardest. The difficulty of your attacks is reduced by one step. Enabler.

Tier 5:
High emotional quotient:
Add 5 points to your intellect pool. Enabler.

Lie detector:
You are specialized in all social skills involving the detection of honesty. You rarely fail to see through people’s intimidations, bluffs and lies.

Tier 6:
Foresight (6 intellect points):
Few things elude your intuition. Ask the GM one question and get a general answer. The GM assigns a level to the question, so the more obscure the answer, the more difficult the task. Generally, knowledge that you could find by looking somewhere other than your current location is level 1, and obscure knowledge of the past is level 7. Gaining knowledge of the future is impossible, unless you have the ability to see into the future through other means. Action.

Forsees the unforseeable

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